BMW Motorrad teases the R12 nineT: A successor to the R nineT Model

BMW Motorrad has released a teaser confirming the upcoming launch of the R12 nineT, a new motorcycle model that will replace the R nineT. While maintaining the vintage design elements of its predecessor, the R12 nineT showcases several updates and features, including a revamped engine and enhanced aesthetic details.

Design and Features:

The R12 nineT retains the classic appeal of the R nineT with its vintage-inspired design. The fuel tank showcases a classic look with knee recesses, reminiscent of BMW motorcycles from the 1970s. The side panels also pay homage to the brand’s heritage. Noteworthy features include a single-sided dual-exhaust system and an integrated LED tail lamp within the seat. LED headlamps and turn indicators further enhance its modern appeal.

Upgraded Engine:

Despite its resemblance to the R nineT, the R12 nineT is reported to be equipped with a newly developed 1200cc boxer-twin engine. This engine is expected to feature improvements in the intake and exhaust systems, enhancing performance and delivering a thrilling riding experience.

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Launch and Availability:

While BMW Motorrad has not yet revealed all the details, the R12 nineT is anticipated to be launched globally in the latter half of 2023. There are also indications that it may be introduced in India in limited quantities by the end of this year, providing enthusiasts with an opportunity to own this exciting motorcycle.

BMW Motorrad’s Milestone Celebration: The unveiling of the R12 nineT coincides with two significant milestones for BMW Motorrad: the 100th anniversary of the brand and the ten-year anniversary of the BMW R nineT model. Earlier this year, BMW Motorrad commemorated these milestones by releasing special limited edition series motorcycles. In India, these limited editions include the BMW R nineT 100 Years edition priced at ₹24 lakh and the R 18 100 Years edition priced at ₹25.90 lakh (both ex-showroom prices).

Limited Edition Availability:

Globally, the BMW R nineT and R 18 limited edition models are produced in quantities of 1,923 each, representing the brand’s founding year. These exclusive motorcycles are currently available for booking at all BMW dealerships in India. While these models come with cosmetic enhancements, they carry a premium price tag compared to the standard versions.

The upcoming R12 nineT from BMW Motorrad promises to be an exciting addition to their motorcycle lineup. With its vintage-inspired design elements, upgraded engine, and limited edition variants celebrating BMW Motorrad’s significant milestones, the R12 nineT is set to captivate motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.