Tesla Model S Plaid can now reach up to 322 kmph as top speed; Check out how

Tesla introduces new kif for its Model S Plaid which improves the car’s performance not only on tracks but also through software.

Tesla has introduced new performance package for the Model S Plaid flagship sedan that enable the luxurious electric car to clock the top speed of 322 kmph. Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package is focused on enthusiasts who are more focused on juicing out more from their Model S Plaid.

Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package comes to boost the electric car’s performance with its software upgrades. The kit also comes with new Zero G wheels and carbon ceramic brakes, which enhances the overall performance of the car. Overall, the Track Package is designed to make the electric car not only perform better on track but also on regular roads.

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The kit will be available from June, this year, and it costs around $15,000 to $20,000. Majorly, the cost of the kit depends upon the components chosen by the owner from the kit, which includes forged aluminum wheels, track-ready tyres and brake fluid, one-piece forged callipers with high performance pads, and new carbon silicon carbide rotors.

The cost of the kit goes up to $20,000, if you include wheels and tyres in the package, from $15,000, which only includes carbon ceramic brake with new brake fluid. Further ahead, the Goodyear tyre can be purchased separately for $6,000 to complete the kit.