TVS Apache RR 310 BTO review

Here’s the review of TVS Apache RR 310 BTO

With the introduction of the BTO, TVS has also rolled out a new paint scheme for the RR 310 that uses red and white and blue in the right proportions. First look at it and it came across as a 90s Honda colour selection which looked pretty nice. In this colour scheme, the RR 310 definitely stands out in the crowd and delivers on the sculpted big bike appeal. However, the ‘TVS Racing’ branding, could be a little too loud, along with the use of one too many stickers.

So, the major upgrade that the BTO has is all about affecting handling. The fully-adjustable KYB suspension gives freedom to keep the setup plush or firm depending upon whether you’re just pottering around in the city or pushing through some mountain twisties, and also the weight you’re carrying.

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The 43mm forks offer 25 clicks of rebound and damping, along with an 8-step preload adjustment. The rear monoshock has a 10-step preload adjustment and 20-step rebound adjustability. All that’s required for an adjustment is a flat head screwdriver and a 14mm spanner.

With the BS6 upgrade, TVS has introduced a new instrument cluster for the RR 310, so it has Bluetooth connectivity which means there’s turn-by-turn navigation, phone notifications and more. Features which some might find handy.