Review: 2022 Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 has several high-tech features like an augmented reality heads-up display and ADAS tech. We bring you a detailed look.

Kia has began accepting bookings for their first-ever electric car for India – the EV6 crossover for a token amount of Rs 3 lakh. The EV6 is a radically styled crossover from Kia, which is based on the Hyundai group’s E-GMP electric architecture. Being a flagship EV model from Kia, the EV6 packs cutting-edge technology.

As you step inside the well laid-out cabin and what grabs your attention instantly are a pair of 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment screens which are curved and angled towards the driver. The floating center console that frees up a lot of practical storage space is also interesting. Kia has also retained physical knobs for the HVAC and media volume.

Further, the appeal of the cabin is heightened by elements like 64-colour ambient lighting, a textured dashboard design and a superbly built drive selector dial. The EV6 uses recycled PET for much of the trim panels and vegan leather for the heated and cooled seats. Thus, the cabin is not only big on tech, but also high on the sustainability quotient.

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Another interesting feature is that the HVAC and infotainment system share a touch panel and you have to toggle between modes (HVAC-Infotainment) to access their functions. It’s innovative, but somewhat unsafe and cumbersome to use as you have to take your eyes off the road to see what mode the panel is in, then toggle it if needed and then input your command.


Like most premium EVs, Kia offers driving modes which are easy to access. In fact, the whole cabin feels systematically sorted, although Kia could have given charging ports on both sides of the car like the Audi e-tron.


Kia has ‘engineered’ sounds like Cyborg, Dynamic and Standard that are piped through the 14-speaker Meridian audio system inside the car, but none of them sound really special. They’re wonderfully amusing, and better left turned off. The Meridian system is better utilised just as a sound system as the audio quality is brilliant with great depth, clarity and punch, all of which is customisable via the Meridian custom sound menu.