Tips to safe riding in the monsoon season

The monsoon makes riding a two-wheeler a very risky affair. From checking the condition of your tyres to avoiding aggressive inputs, mentioned here are some tips that will keep you safe while riding

1. Avoid riding in the first rains: We would strongly advice to not ride during this time. All the oil and coolant leaked from vehicles over the past year resurfaces with the first shower. Also, the wet road makes it almost impossible to differentiate these traction-compromising fluids from rainwater. Under such type of conditions, it is very risky to ride, and it is highly recommended to refrain from riding unless absolutely necessary.

2. No aggressive inputs: Make sure you try to be as smooth in your inputs as possible – during acceleration, braking, or even while changing direction. Going hard on the accelerator may lead to loss of traction on the rear wheel, something that can take you off guard and result in a crash. Stopping distances are higher on wet road surfaces, so maintain a safe distance and plan your braking in advance. Refrain from using the rear brake during cornering – it may result in a low-side crash.

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3. Don’t splash water: It is easily the most unsafe thing to do for numerous reasons. First, there is no knowing the depth of the pothole under the puddle, which can take you by surprise, unsettle the bike, and may result in a crash. Secondly, you increase the chances of water going into the spark plug. The last thing you want is your two-wheeler to give up on you when it’s heavily raining. And lastly, it is basic riding courtesy not to splash water on pedestrians and fellow riders.

4. Invest in a good helmet and riding gear: A good safe helmet is a must-have for all two-wheeler users. Therefore, if you don’t have a well-fitting lid, it is time you invest in one. It is highly recommended that you purchase one with anti-fog properties. With rainfall and splash from the vehicles ahead already compromising visibility, the last thing you’d want is a fogged-up visor. It is also advisable to buy a helmet with a pin-lock.

5. Rain gear: Have a full-body raincoat to stay dry – a shivering body can also cause a lapse in concentration and unnecessary mistakes. Purchase a raincoat that is considerably bigger than your actual size – you could wear this over your protective gear for increased safety. Make that you get a size that doesn’t cramp your movement on a motorcycle.