Reasons why you should buy a used car

Here are some reasons why you should buy a used car

1. Saves money

The most obvious reason behind buying a pre-owned car is that you’ll save some money. A used car will help you save about 25-30% of what you’ll pay for a new model of the same vehicle.


2. Better & Bigger

Buying a pre-owned car means that you can have a better car at a much lower price – for instance, you could have an Audi A4 at the price of a Skoda Octavia! Moreover, if you desire to move up to a premium brand, but are hesitant, owing to your financial constraints, purchasing a pre-owned luxury vehicle can be a very viable solution.


3. Dynamics


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If you’re a driving enthusiast, buying exciting old cars will be more rewarding than going for a new one in many cases. Meanwhile, buying iconic vehicles – which aren’t on sale anymore – can be a valuable investment for the future, as they are likely to become rarer with time.


4. Certified options

Earlier, buying a pre-owned car was risky because cars weren’t reliable and you had no way of checking the service history of the vehicle. But, over the past few years, things have changed significantly – not only cars have become more reliable, but, in most cases, you can check the service history and repair works carried out on the vehicle through the dealership for your peace of mind. Currently, there are various renowned dealers and companies for pre-owned vehicles that ‘certify’ pre-owned vehicles based on their health report.


5. Attractive financing options


With an increasing shift in peoples’ interest towards pre-owned cars in recent times, the finance companies are also helping people to make the buying process easier, with lucrative loan offers and easy EMIs.