Porsche Cayenne facelift to offer only V6 variant in India

Porsche has recently launched the updated Cayenne SUV and Coupe in India, featuring a 353hp V6 engine. However, to the surprise of performance enthusiasts, it has been confirmed that these V6 variants will be the only options available in the Indian market. The international lineup includes V6 hybrid and V8 engine choices, but they will not be offered in Indian showrooms due to emissions regulations and low demand. While the V8-powered Cayenne GTS remains a possibility in the future, Porsche is currently focused on the V6-powered Cayenne models for the Indian market.

The international range of the Porsche Cayenne includes additional engine options such as the V6 hybrid and two V8 versions. However, in India, only the V6-powered Cayenne and Cayenne Coupe will be offered. The e-Hybrid variant, which combines a 3.0-litre V6 engine with an electric motor, will not be available in India due to low demand for the previous version. The Cayenne Turbo GT, despite a few units being delivered prior to the facelift, will not be sold in India, Japan, and Europe due to stricter emissions regulations.

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Although the V8-powered Cayenne S could technically be introduced in India, its prospects are uncertain. With 474hp, it offers a performance boost compared to the base V6 variant. However, the price increase associated with the higher performance might not be justified for customers. Previous V8 versions of the Cayenne also had limited demand in the Indian market. There is speculation about a potential Cayenne GTS model, which typically arrives later in a Porsche model’s lifecycle. Positioned between the Cayenne S and the Turbo GT, the GTS would feature the same V8 engine with an output of over 500hp, providing a better price-to-performance ratio.

Porsche India has stated that it will focus on the V6-powered Cayenne variants at the time of launch. The company will continue discussions with its global counterparts regarding the introduction of additional powertrain options for the new Cayenne in the future. This suggests that there may be potential for further engine choices to be made available to Indian customers in the coming years.