Man under influence of ganja drags traffic cop on car’s bonnet for 20 km in Navi Mumbai

A 22-year-old man in Navi Mumbai took a traffic constable for a ride on the bonnet of his car for around 20 kilometers after being stopped for a routine check-up during a nakabandi (blockade) on Saturday afternoon. The driver, identified as Aditya Dhondiram Bembade, was under the influence of marijuana (ganja) and refused to stop his car when the traffic constable, Siddheshwar Mali, directed him to.

The incident took place at Blue Diamond Chowk in Navi Mumbai, and the CCTV footage of the incident shows the traffic constable clinging to the speeding car’s bonnet. The car was eventually stopped by other traffic officials on Uran Road.

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Mali, who works at the Vashi traffic unit, chased Bembade’s car on his bike after suspecting that there could be something suspicious inside the car. When he caught up with the car, Bembade tried to ram the car into him. In order to save his life, Mali climbed onto the bonnet. Other traffic cops who witnessed the incident alerted the control room and followed the car. Meanwhile, another team blocked the road with trailers at Gavhan phata, Uran Road to eventually stop the car.

Bembade, who attempted to evade getting caught for being intoxicated, has now been booked on an attempted murder charge. “His medical report says that he was under the influence of marijuana (ganja). We are doing the procedure of taking him into custody. He finished his bachelor of management studies this year and stays with his father, a government official, and his homemaker mother in Sector 15 Nerul,” said senior police inspector Shashikant Chandekar from Vashi Police Station.

Mali, who was on nakabandi duty, waved his hand to a passing car directing the driver to stop for a check-up. However, Bembade sped away from the spot instead of stopping. Following the incident, Mali stated that he was scared for his life while being on the bonnet, and he has not undergone such trauma in his 15 years of service.