KIA EV 9: Key Features, specifications, launch date, price, and more

The EV9, a three-row luxury SUV from Kia that is loaded with technology and a crucial product in the company’s goal to achieve yearly sales of 1.2 million battery electric cars by 2030, was unveiled recently.

The EV9 is a three-row SUV built on the company’s Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). Its 122-inch wheelbase and 197-inch overall length put it roughly in line with other full-size SUVs available today, including the well-liked Kia Telluride, which is powered by an internal combustion engine.

The EV9 will be available in a standard trim as well as a GT-line model design that stands out from the basic model companion thanks to its digital pattern illumination grille and other external features.

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Kia is using the EV9 to launch what it calls a “digital tiger face.”

A seven-seater or six-seater layout as well as a selection of second-row seat choices are available for the Kia EV9.

The second-row chairs’ ability to pivot 180 degrees so that riders can face each other, if they are the unique “swivel” seats, is a neat feature. While the SUV is charging, you should use this choice. Additionally, the car has cup compartments and charging ports throughout, even in the third seat.

As per the reports the all new Kia EV 9 will be launched in the second quarter of FY 23 and will start at the price range of over ₹80 lakhs