Bulletin from Bilia’s annual general meeting 2023

Bilia AB’s AGM took place on Wednesday, 26 April 2023.

Adoption of the profit and loss statement and balance sheet
The profit and loss statements and the balance sheets of the parent company and the Group for the financial year 2022 were approved.

Discharge from liability
The AGM discharge the board members and the CEO from liability for the financial year 2022.

The AGM resolved in favor of a dividend of SEK8:80 per share. The dividend amount will be divided into four payments of SEK 2:20 each with record dates Tuesday 2 May 2023, Tuesday 11 July 2023, Monday 9 October 2023 and Tuesday 9 January 2024. Dividends are expected to be paid out on Friday 5 May 2023, Friday 14 July 2023, Thursday 12 October 2023 and Friday 12 January 2024.

Board of Directors
The AGM resolved that the Board of Directors shall consist of eight ordinary board members without deputy members. Gunnar Blomkvist, Anna Engebretsen, Ingrid Jonasson Blank, Nicklas Paulson, Jan Pettersson, Mats Qviberg, Jon Risfelt and Caroline af Ugglas were re-elected as members of the Board of Directors. Mats Qviberg was re-elected as Chairman of the Board with Jan Pettersson as deputy Chairman.

Board fees
The AGM resolved as follows: SEK 460,000 each to the Chairman of the Board and to the deputy Chairman, SEK 285,000 each to the other members of the Board, SEK 160,000 to the Chairman of the Audit Committee, SEK 80,000 each to the other members of the Audit Committee, SEK 50,000 to the Chairman of the Compensation Committee, SEK 25,000 each to the other members of the Compensation Committee.

Further, the AGM resolved that the employee representatives receive SEK 38,000 and the employee deputies receive SEK 23,000 in fee.

Election of the Auditor
The AGM resolved to re-elect the auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers AB as auditor in the company for the period until the end of the AGM 2024. It was noted that Fredrik Göransson is the auditor in charge.

The Board’s remuneration report
The AGM approved the Board’s remuneration report.

Authorization for the Board to decide on the acquisition and transfer of own shares
The AGM approved the Board’s proposal regarding authorization for the Board to decide upon acquisition and transfer of own shares.

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Long-term incentive program
The AGM resolved to establish a long-term incentive program in the form of a share savings program for about sixty senior executives and other key personnel within the Bilia Group. In order to be able to participate in the program, the participant must have contributed with a private investment through the acquisition of savings shares. For each savings share held within the framework of the program, the participant can be receive a maximum of 4,5 performance shares free of charge from Bilia, provided that targets established by the board regarding total return on Bilia’s shares and increased profit per share be met, and that the targets for customer satisfaction and gender equality be met.
Awarding of performance shares takes place on the condition that the participant from the start of the program up to and including the date of publication of the interim report for January-March 2026 has retained his original savings shares and that the participant,
with certain exceptions, is still employed within the Bilia Group. The maximum number of performance shares allocated within the framework of the program amounts to 242,000. The principal terms of the program can be found in the Board’s proposal at www.bilia.com.

The AGM further resolved that the company shall be entitled to transfer no more than 242,000 own shares which Bilia has previously acquired to the participants in order to guarantee the delivery of performance shares within the framework of the program.

The AGM further resolved to authorize the Board of Directors to approve, during the period up to the AGM 2024, the transfer of no more than 68,000 own shares on Nasdaq Stockholm at a price per share that lies within the quoted price range at any given time in order to cover social security contributions for the program.

Gothenburg, 26 April 2023

Bilia AB (publ)

For information please contact:
Carl Fredrik Ewetz, Investor Relations, +46 (0)10 497 07 73, [email protected]
Per Avander, Managing Director and CEO, +46 (0)10 497 70 00, [email protected]
Kristina Franzén, CFO, +46 (0)10 497 73 40, [email protected]

Bilia is one of Europe’s largest full-service suppliers for everything related to car ownership, with a leading position in servicing and sales of cars, transport vehicles and trucks. We offer service, repair, fuel, car wash, rental cars, tyres and wheels, rim repair, car accessories, car care, paint work, windscreen replacements, car dismantling and more. Bilia has about 160 facilities in Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg and Belgium plus one auction site in Sweden.

Bilia’s Service Business comprises a well-developed range of services and service concepts that are continuously developed to simplify car ownership for the customers. Bilia offers accessories and spare parts, original services and repairs, tyre hotels, rim repair, car glass repair along with other workshop services, store sales and e-commerce.

Bilia’s Car Business comprises sales of new and used cars, transport vehicles and trucks, plus supplementary services such as financing and insurance. Bilia sells cars from Volvo, BMW, Mini, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Cupra, Nissan, Jaguar, Land Rover, XPENG, ORA, Renault, Dacia and Alpine as well as transport vehicles from Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Nissan and Renault and trucks from Mercedes-Benz.

Bilia’s Fuel Business comprises fuel sales and car washes in Sweden.


  • Bulletin from Bilia’s annual general meeting 2023

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