Volkswagen Virtus and Skoda Slavia become the ‘Safest Cars Of India’

The best vehicles in India are now the Volkswagen Virtus and Skoda Slavia. Both of them have undergone crash tests in accordance with the most recent global NCAP standards, just like SUVs, and have received a complete five star rating; however, their overall ratings are marginally higher than those of the Kushaq and Taigun.

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In terms of protecting adult occupants, the Skoda Slavia and Volkswagen Virtus received 29.71 out of a possible 34 points. The Kushaq and Taigun, in contrast, received 29.64 points on the same exams. The sedans provide excellent protection for the head, neck, driver’s thighs, and co-passengers’ legs in the front impact test. Both front riders receive sufficient protection in the chest region.

The head, chest, and abdomen areas were sufficiently protected during the side barrier impact test, but the pelvis area displayed excellent protection. The footwell and bodyshell integrity were evaluated as stable, and the cars can endure heavier loads than the 64 kph crash test speed.