Ultraviolette Automotive launches F77 Limited Edition E-Bike as it opens first showroom in Bengaluru

Ultraviolette Automotive, the Bangalore-based electric vehicle startup, has recently opened its first experience centre, called the ‘Ultraviolette Hangar,’ in Bengaluru.

Spread across a massive 10,000sqft area, the showroom offers customers an opportunity to explore the latest vehicles and official accessories of Ultraviolette, along with a lounge and flight simulator. The facility will also function as an R&D centre for the company, showcasing its commitment to technological innovation.

The Ultraviolette Hangar is just the beginning, as the company plans to expand its reach to 15 more locations soon.

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The showroom launch coincides with the beginning of deliveries of the F77 limited edition e-bike. The F77 lineup currently has two variants, Original (Rs 3.8 lakh) and Recon (Rs 4.55 lakh), and bookings are open for both. The limited edition F77 costs Rs 5.5 lakh, with all 77 units already sold out.

Customers can also purchase official accessories for the F77 range, including a set of accessory panniers, tank grips, more aggressive rearsets, lever guard, and an ‘aerodisc’ (an aerodynamic cover over the rear wheel).

With Ultraviolette’s commitment to innovation and electrification, the company is poised to revolutionize the Indian EV market. The Ultraviolette Hangar marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards becoming a leading name in the Indian EV space.