Toyota Compact Cruiser EV looks amazing in new photos

Toyota has unveiled more images of its small off-road electric SUV concept, first shown last December, and the boxy EV looks amazing in its resplendent blue-and-orange two-tone paint job.

Toyota had announced last year ambitious electrification plans for its lineup and showed off a cornucopia of beautiful-looking concept cars, from a low-slung Lexus supercar to a butch Toyota Tacoma–like pickup truck and an angular Toyota sports car. One of the most mesmerizing one was the Compact Cruiser EV, a miniature off-roader with boxy styling reminiscent of the Land Cruiser. The concept car has now won a design award, prompting Toyota to release a slew of new images of the mini-ute.


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The photos of the blue and orange Compact Cruiser EV show a full-scale model, giving a better sense of the vehicle’s proportions than the images Toyota released last year. The Compact Cruiser EV was penned by Toyota’s design squad in Nice, France, and was honored with the 2022 Car Design Award for concept cars by Auto&Design magazine, an Italian publication.


Inspite of having four doors, the wheelbase looks very short, which would help improve maneuverability both on the trails and in the city. Toyota says that the off-roader is geared towards “young, professional urban dwellers who enjoy active outdoor leisure interests.” Most of the photos showcase the Compact Cruiser EV riding on black and silver wheels, but this profile shot depicts a retro-styled white five-spoke design.