Porsche Panamera STD Hybrid is available at 1.67 crore rupees

The Porsche Panamera STD Hybrid is the Panamera’s base petrol model, costing Rs.1.67 crore on Zigwheels. This STD Hybrid model has an engine that produces maximum power and maximum torque. The Porsche Panamera STD Hybrid comes in six colors: white, metal quartz, metallic grey, blue, silver, and orange.

Porsche Panamera STD Hybrid Features

The Porsche Panamera STD Hybrid is equipped with a 3998 cc engine and an automatic gearbox. The 3998 cc engine produces 670.51bhp and 930Nm of torque.

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The Porsche Panamera STD Hybrid is a four-seater petrol vehicle. The Panamera STD Hybrid comes with an engine start-stop button, a multifunction steering wheel, a power-adjustable exterior rearview mirror, a touch screen, automatic climate control, anti-lock brakes, alloy wheels, front power windows, driver and passenger airbags.

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