Porsche 928 Technomod Dials up Cyberpunk Aesthetic

This carbon-fiber coupe beautifully remixes some nostalgic design elements.

Nardone Automotive is behind this 928, now clothed in carbon fiber, which is simply one of the most compelling restomods of this type in recent memory.

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“The 928, since its debut in 1978, has always been an unconventional car, completely different from all the others: there was no similar model in the Porsche range before and, after winning the Car of the Year title, it remained part of their model range for 17 years, selling a total of over 60,000 units,” the company says. “Until now it has never been succeeded—bit of a shame, wouldn’t you agree?”

This 928 technomod is apparently wider and lower than the original, but manages to preserve the overall design direction of the original to perhaps go unnoticed in traffic by those who aren’t into the marque. But those who are familiar with the 928 and all of its variants will observe that all the body panels are different, as are some stylistic decisions, but not to the point that one could say the design is not Porsche. It’s like the automaker had gone back in time and tweaked some things—that’s how close to the spirit of the original 928 the Nardone version lands.