Maruti Suzuki to make electronic stability control and seat belt reminders standard in all cars

Maruti Suzuki, one of India’s leading car manufacturers, is set to introduce two important safety features as standard across its vehicle lineup. The company has announced its plans to equip all its cars with electronic stability control (ESC) and seat belt reminders for all seats in the near future.

Seat belts are essential safety components in vehicles, but there is often a lack of compliance among drivers and passengers. By incorporating seat belt reminders, Maruti aims to encourage occupants to buckle up and prioritize their safety while driving.

Another significant safety feature to be introduced is electronic stability control (ESC). This active safety system monitors wheel speed and steering wheel position to prevent understeer and oversteer, automatically applying brakes when necessary to maintain control of the vehicle.

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The inclusion of these two features is expected to help prevent accidents and protect occupants in the event of a collision. Furthermore, the implementation of ESC may positively impact Maruti’s performance in global NCAP crash tests, which have become influential in consumers’ car-buying decisions.

The Indian government has been pushing for improved safety standards in the automotive industry by imposing new feature mandates. While the effectiveness of these mandates is subject to debate, the next significant safety upgrade expected from car manufacturers is the standardization of six airbags. Additionally, upcoming safety mandates include the requirement of three-point seat belts for all passengers. Maruti has already introduced three-point seat belts in the Baleno and is likely to adopt this safety measure across its vehicle range.

With these proactive safety measures, Maruti Suzuki aims to enhance the overall safety standards of its vehicles and contribute to the ongoing efforts to make Indian roads safer for all motorists.