Locations that you should visit when taking road trips from Goa for an idyllic escape

Read on to know about the locations in Goa you just cannot miss!

1. Trip To The Chorla Ghats


The two-lane roads of the Panjim-Belgaum highway are a paradise for people who are in search for good roads for a flatter drive. These hill-cut roads that stride through the dense forests of Western Ghats give away wisdom of peace and simultaneously give an abundant rush to your adrenaline. It’s time to take a long drive to the picturesque roads of Chorla.


2. Trip To Netravali Falls


After driving through various breath-taking locales and along the stony trail, you will find peace in the embrace of rubber plantations, sugarcane fields, and lastly, the deep forest covers around Netravali in Southeast Goa. The blessed Budbudyanchi Tali or the Bubble Lake at Gopinath Temple is a must-visit. For those who want to go beyond the actual borders of Goa, a trek to the Mainapi Waterfall will be a celebration that you will treasure forever. A visit to Netravali is best when the vegetation is at its peak just after the rainy season.


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3. Trip To Cabo De Rama


Cabo De Rama is an antique fort which is a bundle of traditions and royalty that was built by the Portuguese, located in the Southern tip of Goa. It is a wonderful place for those viewing to go on a bike ride with friends while discovering hidden trails from end to end the forest. Once you reach the end, you get engulfed by the remarkable view of the evergreen coconut trees standing tall against the backdrop of the amiable blue-green waters.


4. Ferry And Road Trip To The Islands of Diwar & Chorao


Inspite of being just a short distance away from Panjim, the beautiful islands of Chorao and Divar are not very much on the travel itinerary of the travelers. This amazing trip will also let you relish the ferry boat rides. You can begin your trip from Panjim to Diwar Island by taking the ferry from Ribandar. After discovering the island and the absorbing Portuguese influence that it gives away, yet another short ferry ride lies in wait for. You will reach the Chorao Island after you crisscross through the roads of bicholim. Make sure you go for a birding excursion at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Chorao.