Hyundai hikes prices for Creta, Venua, Alcazar and other SUV cars

Hyundai has raised the prices of several of its well-known vehicle models, including the Creta, Venue, Alcazar, and Tucson SUVs, claiming higher input costs and updated engines to meet new emission regulations. The action comes after Maruti Suzuki made the same choice to increase prices. The new costs went into force on April 1.

The Creta compact SUV and Venue sub-compact SUV have also seen increases of up to 7,000 on certain versions, making them two of the best-selling models in India. The Hyundai Tucson SUV has seen the largest price increase in the most recent update.

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All diesel versions of the Creta have risen by 7,000 excluding the Executive model. The Creta diesel now has a starting price of 11.96 lakh rupees (ex-showroom), and the most expensive SX(O) Knight version will set you back 19.20 lakh rupees. (ex-showroom).

The lower-priced petrol Creta SUV models have gone up by 3,000, while the 1.5-liter SX and SX(O) models with iVT gearbox have gone up by 7,000 each. The price of the Creta petrol versions after the update is between 10.87 lakh and 18.74 lakh. (ex-showroom).