Expedition Motor Company Positioned as Leader in Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen Restoration

Now seen as the pinnacle of luxury, Mercedes-Benz 250GDs are given a second life through 2,100+ hour restoration process

 FRENCHTOWN, N.J., Sept. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mercedes-Benz started producing the Geländewagen, or G-Wagen as it is known by its common name, in the 1970s for military purposes, and it wasn’t until 1979 that the now popular truck model became available for commercial purchase. Since then, G-Wagens have seen many different uses, from combat missions in the Middle East to even being fitted with bulletproof glass for use by Pope John Paul II for his “Popemobile.” The G-Class has seen many changes over the years and has more recently become the pinnacle of luxury – often being driven by A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 executives and other high-income individuals.

The rise in interest of the G-Class though is not what led Alex Levin to start collecting, restoring and selling the trucks. Levin’s affection for the Geländewagen began during his childhood when he first got behind the wheel of a G-Wagen riding on his father’s lap in the early 90s. Years later after a career in private equity and commercial real estate, he had the opportunity to share his passion for the 250GD, nicknamed the “Wolf” after its German military classification. What started out as an unwavering pursuit of perfection for his personal 250GDs, has turned into a thriving business that now dedicates just over 2,100 man-hours to each bespoke vehicle. This is made possible by an experienced team, which impressively has close to 500 years of collective expertise in the art of restoration. His vision, now known as Expedition Motor Company (EMC), has become a celebrated brand that aims to preserve the golden era of motoring from which the Wolf derives.

“Mercedes-Benz has this cachet about it – it’s known worldwide and sits at the pinnacle of modern luxury,” Levin said. “But what further separates the Wolf from other G-Class models is the fact that it’s a cabriolet, which many people don’t even realize exists. The Geländewagen, at its heart, represents a true multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) – much more so than today’s diluted idea of an MPV. It was originally built for military use so that it could handle inhospitable terrains in an ultra-reliable fashion. The great thing about our trucks is that in addition to their serious off-roading capability, they also offer features that contribute to an amazing road-driving experience. For example, the Wolfs have an easily removeable soft-top that makes for an enjoyable ride when paired with our extensively developed suspension. Simply put, our Wolf serves as everything from the family’s weekend vehicle to the most discerning car collector’s top choice while incorporating EMC’s definition of refinement.”

With the European Union enacting new emissions standards that will phase out the sale of new diesel and gas cars by 2035, the Wolf will become more and more desirable as a collector’s item in years to come. Since its founding, EMC has become the world’s largest collector of 250GD Wolf trucks, owning a stockpile of more than 150 vehicles. While most are sourced from NATO and arrive to EMC in rough shape, the preeminent builder of bespoke Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolfs gives the battle-scarred vehicles a second life after a complete frame-off restoration that transforms them into high-end luxury vehicles that align with the pedigree of a modern G-Class.

While the refurbished trucks feature an extensive list of upgrades, EMC is adamant about maintaining the authentic beating heart of its vehicles. This puts EMC squarely in the “restoration” category rather than the “restomodding” category that has become rampant today in the 4×4 sector. The Wolf that EMC produces holds true to its authentic form, featuring the original bullet-proof Mercedes 2.5L Inline 5-cylinder diesel engine, the military-style folding windshield, the cabriolet top, the snorkel kit, a jerrycan and, most importantly, the 250GD frame.

Expedition Motor Company’s restoration process has evolved extensively over the past eight years, with each build being an improved iteration of its predecessor. The constantly evolving custom computer numerical control (CNC) machining parts, custom injection moldings and 3-D printed designs are proof of what Levin means when he says, “We are learning with each restoration. You can never stop learning with art. Our craft is our art.”

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These refined trucks come standard with wireless Apple CarPlay displays, sound systems, air-conditioning, and heated seats – none of which could be found in their original, purpose-built form.

Today, EMC’s team of skilled wrenchmasters produce about 24 bespoke 250GD Wolfs annually that are sold to customers around the globe.

For more information about EMC and to test its customization tool yourself, please visit: https://www.expeditionmotorcompany.com/.

About Expedition Motor Company
Expedition Motor Company is the world’s premier builder of fully restored and customized Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolfs. Based in Frenchtown, New Jersey, EMC tailors each G-Wagen to customers’ exact specifications. EMC works alongside the client and views this process as a creative collaboration that yields a bespoke masterpiece with just over 2,100 hours in the making. All frame-off refurbished vehicles are turnkey solutions so that customers may enjoy another 25 years of fun and service, making each rebuilt 4×4, a vehicle to experience, not just drive.

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