Chevrolet will launch the Blazer EV SS on July 18

Chevrolet brings its Super Sport shining into the future.

The Super Sport badge is one of Chevrolet’s most recognizable logos and is a highly cherished piece of Chevrolet heritage. It seems like Chevrolet is giving its beloved SS badge a modern update—or at least a modern home.

Chevy is teasing the upcoming all-electric Blazer SS. Although, this isn’t the first time a crossover or SUV has seen the Super Sport badging, but it is the first time Chevrolet has placed the badge on an electric vehicle.h

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evrolet’s reborn Blazer, assembled in Mexico, launched only a few years ago, meaning that this could share a lot of the standard Blazer’s styling, while sporting certain elements to play up its all-electric DNA. Regardless, it seems to be targeting Ford’s Mustang Mach-E, which could play a role in its looks.

Chevrolet says the all-electric Blazer SS will officially launch by July 18, 2022 and is scheduled for dealer deliveries in spring 2023.