Availability of the 2023 Universal Registration Document

Ayvens informs the public that the 2023 Universal Registration Document was filed with the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) on 12 April 2024.

The 2023 Universal Registration Document is made available to the public, free of charge, in accordance with the conditions provided for by the regulations in force and may be consulted in the “Regulated information” section of Ayvens’ corporate website (https://www.ayvens.com/en-cp/investors/publications-and-documents/regulated-information/) and on the AMF’s website.

About Ayvens
Ayvens is the leading global sustainable mobility player committed to making life flow better. We’ve been improving mobility for decades, providing full-service leasing, flexible subscription services, fleet management and multi-mobility solutions to large international corporates, SMEs, professionals and private individuals.   With more than 14,500 employees across 42 countries, 3.4 million
vehicles and the world’s largest multi-brand EV fleet,
we’re leveraging our unique position to lead the way to net zero and spearhead the digital transformation of the mobility sector. The company is listed on Compartment A of Euronext Paris (ISIN: FR0013258662; Ticker: ALD). Societe Generale Group is Ayvens majority shareholder.

Find out more at ayvens.com

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